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Citynet Payments has never been so simple!

Citynet Payments has never been so simple!

Citynet Payments has never been so simple!
Citynet Payments has never been so simple!
Citynet Payments has never been so simple!

Citynet Payment

CityNet internet provider has been providing fixed internet and digital television services based on advanced technology to subscribers in the developing information and communication technology sector of the country for more than 10 years. Citynet internet users make their monthly payments from eManat. 

If you also use Citynet internet, you can make your monthly payments with eManat. You approach the nearest eManat terminal to pay without going to branches and make "Citynet" internet payment comfortably.

A secure way to pay Citynet

If you are looking for a reliable way to pay Citynet, then we can say that you are at the right address. eManat terminals, a reliable payment method, are available for you and are everywhere near you. The citynet internet payments you make with the eManat terminal are made instantly and your internet is activated.

The main mission of Citynet and eManat cooperation is to offer more convenient solutions and fast services for customers. If you use the fast internet provider "CityNet", the fast payment system "eManat" makes payments convenient and accessible for you.

Citynet Payment Steps

To make a Citynet online payment, you can pay instantly by approaching the eManat terminal and following the steps below.

Payment steps

  1. Enter the Internet Providers 

  2. Select "CityNet" 

  3. Enter your account number

  4. Make the payment  

  5. Don't forget to read the Electronic Receipt.

Citynet online payment

We have activated our online payment system to make our payments even more accessible to our users. Right now, by entering the home page of our website and clicking on the word "Switch", you will pay for citynet internet online. 

Without wasting time, you can use our online payment system for secure and fast payments. 

Advantages of making Citynet Payments with eManat

If you make your Citynet internet payment with eManat, then you have many advantages. Below we mention the advantages for you.

  1. Fast Payment 

  2. 7/24 Support 

  3. Convenient and Simple interface 

  4. Easy Payment 

  5. Telegram Bot

You can make quick payments from the convenient and simple interface of eManat terminals. After you make your payments, our 24/7 support service is with you. You can also check the status of your payment using our telegram bot. Click the link to go to the Telegram bot.